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Traffic Operations Project Manager

Job Title:Traffic Operations Project Manager
Date Posted:05/01/2019
Dates Available:05/01/2019 - 05/14/2019
Position #:80003666
Department:Traffic Engineering & Operations
Salary Range:E-15 ($62140 - $93210)
Schedule Type:Administrative Offices
FLSA Status:Exempt
Employment Type(s):Full Time
Location(s):Central Office (Harrisburg) (Administrative Offices)
Travel Required:No
Telecommuting Offered:No
Job Description: Click here to download the job description.
Job Purpose And Summary:This position is responsible for performing tasks that are aimed at the efficient movement of traffic and goods throughout the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) highway system, such as: work zone management, incident and emergency response, winter operations and operational planning. Work includes participating in the development of an objective-driven and performance-based Transportation Management and Operations (TM&O) program to address mobility on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, specifically recurring and non-recurring congestion. Work tasks include the application of engineering principles and practices for traffic operations projects and the implementation of traffic operations strategies. Work assignments are primarily performed with independence and reviewed by a manager, or designee, for attainment of program goals, completion of projects and overall performance.
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